What we do

We listen. When we’ve heard your story, in your words and understood the challenges you face, we ask questions. Lots of questions that help us deliver unique, effective solutions to your individual needs.

We can guide you through change, help you interpret complex stories and create built environments that will engage and entertain your audience.

Our team has the ideal mix of talents to suit your project. That confidence comes from a wide and long reaching experience, developing relationships that have lasted the lifetime of our organisation.

If you have the germ of an idea but need help understanding its viability, we can help you turn it into reality. We are creative and flexible – if the idea needs to take a different direction, we’ll push, teach you how to drive it forward and be by your side, guiding you on the journey. We’ll only take a back seat when you’re comfortable going it alone.

And rest assured, we’re happy to share our experience – we undertake feasibility studies and operational reviews and if we don’t think an idea is sound, we’ll say so and show you why.

We deliver solutions for heritage sites and places of historic interest; hereditary estates; visitor centres; attractions; retail and catering.

We can identify funding streams and write convincing applications that meet the needs of commercial organisations, charitable institutions or local and national government.

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